Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oohalu Gusagusalade

Oohalu Gusagusalade:

            For the bored telugu audience with routine stories, involving bhrami comeday and hero struggling hard to combine villains of two different gangs, here come a different cute and romantic drama from the Telugu actor turned director srinivasa avasaral making his debut as a director.

Surya S/o Krishnan.

Surya S/o Krishnan:
Yet another love story comes from the National Film award winner, Gowtham Menon is known for his action, thriller and romantic stories. This movie is a semi autobiographical and is one of notable movie in his filmography.
            As the name suggest the movie is about the story of father and son. Both characters performed by Surya. The movie with its start has long long stories to be told to the audience. As the movie goes on, it narrates about the memorable moments of father and Son Surya and Krishnan, how they have been friends, more than father and son.        
            The movie continues with Surya remembers the love story of his parents during their College and about his won College days. The movie showcases the teenage romance of Surya and Meghna. The deeper strength in the love of Surya and how he became crazy about the girl Meghna, with Surya meeting for the first time in the train and fall in love for her.While Meghna already recognize him as she has seen him with a guitar in one of the college fests. This part of the scene remains as one of the best romantic scenes of the movie, with Surya sings a song for her on guitar

            Hereafter the love saga of Surya and Meghna continues, with Surya starts his journey from Hyderabad to San Francisco. With his sudden presence, though she gets shocked, both of them fall in love for each other, but it was only until when Surya witness Oklahoma City Bombings and realizes that Meghna is amongst those injured. Surya finds Meghna died in this incident.

            On his return to India he meets Shankar Menon who tries to console him, but with of no use, Surya couldn’t handle the situation and is unable to come out of his grief. The rest of the movie involves the journey of Surya to identify him and how he has overcome from his drug addiction to become one of the higher officials in Indian Army.

The love episode of Surya and Meghna remained the best part of not only this but also some best love stories of Indian cinema. …

Happy Diwali

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tango Charlie

Tango Charlie:
                Tango Charlie is the tale of an Indian solider, which has got all the elements’ of a commercial movie. The story is about the incidents narrated by an Indian army officer in his personal dairy. It’s a must watch movie for anyone who want to see Booby Deol in full fledge action with wide range of variations in the character.
                The movie showcased the patriotism and the struggles of the Indian army officials in their duty to save the country at the border and also inside the country. The Love Stories of the Booby and Ajay were good to watch, in-addition to the music and dialogues, which made the movie a successful one. On the long run, you would like the entire movie expect the story seems to be moving slow at some point of time when Ajay narrates his love story. But overall the movie is good to watch with all the biggest stars Booby, Ajay, Sanjay and Sunil in a single pack action episode.
                Tango Charlie (Booby Deol’s, code name) as he is called in his team returns to his village after finishing his mission to fight with the terrorist’s, where he meets his old friend and fall’s in love with her. The loves episode continues here and he gets engaged with the girl. The girl starts reading his personal dairy narrating the incidents which occurred during his life as a solider. Finally Ajay devgan’s team set's up for the mission and all his team members get killed and it’s now Booby's turn to complete the mission. With the lessons he learned from his Superior Ajay he would be able to successfully accomplish the mission and is survived by Sanjay and Sunil Shetty in the climax.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Facts which must be known:

First Indian women to obtain a medical degree - Anandi Gopal Joshi.

Based on her life a novel was return, Caroline Wells Healey Dall wrote Anandibai's biograhpy and a serial was aired on Doordshan named Anandi Gopal.(At the same time another interesting serial Discovery of India based on Nehru Book was also aired).

More Information:
The article states “It was common for Brahmins in those times to be proficient in Sanskrit;”, which makes us to realize that we need to known the importance of learning sanskrit which is one of the foundation and part of India tradition. :

Srinivasa Ramanujan.

With almost no formal training in pure mathematics, made extraordinary contributions to mathematical analysis.

The first Telugu Mathematician - Pavuluri Mallana: .

First Highest Civilian awardee - Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Works by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
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  5. "Those who have read the author's previous volumes or have heard him speak are accustomed to associate with him warmth and vigor of style, penetrating flashes of keen analysis, and detailed familiarity with past and present philosophies in both east and west. In these respects none will find the book disappointing."
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  15. Religion, Science & Culture (1968), 121 pages

The legend of Bhishma's.

Rehna hai tere dil mein

Rehna hai tere dil mein:

Rehna hai tere dil mein:
RHTDM is one of the most romantic and popular love stories of Indian Cinema.
Madhavan has got his identity as maddy form this movie and the movie remained as one of the biggest hits of his career.
The story is about Madhav Shastri aka Maddy, who is 20th century guy with full of energy and was like the hero of his college.
Though he used to be involved in a lot of mischievous things, at the end he was a good person and was best among his friends.
The interesting part of the movie starts when actually Maddy has 5 day's to impress a completely unknown and stranger girl – Reena.
Reena is a kind of modern girl who believes in traditional values of India and is not interested to settle in abroad.
Thanks to her friend Shruti, from whom Maddy comes to know about the engagement of Reena with her old NRI friend.
The Rest of the movie is about how Maddy takes the chances to prove his love and make it happen finally.
Highlights of the movie are :
The natural role of Maddy,
the way he used to be in student life and
then his professional career when starts teaching subjects in an institute,
the heart touching scene when he accepts offer to work for a foreign institute ready to leave his father, friends and everything, just to forget his love.
the background score and the songs which can even be heard today in many of the occasions.
At the end movie makes us to think - “Is it really possible to impress a girl in just five days...?”

Some of the best dialogues of the movie:

                “Ek ladki dekhi one flash aur maine aapna dil kho betha ... aab to bas ek hi tamanna hai rehna hai uske dil mein.”
 “Titanic mein hi nahi Real life mein bhi dubte ladke hi hein”.